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In and around Humshaugh - Dr Bell

I had a very short walk today and called into the graveyard (snowdrops are now in full bloom) and into St Peter's church.

I don't remember seeing this memorial to Monica Bell on previous visits. She became a GP in the village in 1923, when there were very few women doctors. It was the year her father died. His plaque does not record how long he looked after patients in the village.

Aggie: Are you OK Arth, I can't hear you very well.
Arth: I feel as though I'm underwater and I'm having to shout.
Aggie: I think you need to rest.

Aggie is correct. Arth has to rest because he has an effusion. Something happened yesterday when I was walking or exercising and he is swollen and painful today. I can't say I like having to sit around with ice packs on but I will have to be careful until he recovers.

Now for a bit of Blip magic. Yesterday I reported that members of a family who used to live here came to call unexpectedly. The first person to comment was Arachne. It turns out that her father knew Ben Bolt (the father of the men yesterday). I have now put them in touch with each other. Isn't Blip wonderful?

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