Chilly Start

I woke up to a dusting of snow but it didn't stay for long. Not a day to tempt me outside after such a glorious day yesterday... I've held off posting my blip to see if the 'heavy' snow forecast for 6pm was going to be photogenic but it's clearly not going to be that kind of snow - it's the wet, uncomfortable kind.... So, I'm blipping a view from the early morning.

You may be interested to see the complete frozen bubble that I managed to photograph in the early hours of the morning by torch light (Yay! :)). It's over in my b&w journal. I'm sure my neighbours would have thought me a little crazy, had they seen me on my balcony in sub-zero temperatures, wrapped up in my snuggly coat, sitting on a cushioned chair that I'd taken outside, placing my camera first on the tripod and then on a couple of CD cases on the balcony table, blowing bubbles and waving my torch around under the starry sky to try to illuminate the few bubbles I actually managed to get to land without popping without producing to much glare on the bubbles' surfaces! Ah, well - I'm pretty sure no one saw me :))

Many thanks for all the great comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's blip! You have been most generous recently in both of my journals - very kind of you!

Ann :))

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