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By walkingMarj

Cold bubbles!

I have seen a good number of excellent pictures of frozen bubbles this week, so I thought I would have a go. Time is a bit short (see later) so I just took ordinary bubble mixture. I also can't kneel down ( thanks davidc for reminding me of that!) so I tried blowing the bubbles onto the snow on the top of a low wall. That didn't work well because you couldn't see the bubbles against the snow. 

I knew I must not get any bubble mixture on the camera. That was difficult when you have to do the blowing and be the photographer. I hope you are getting the idea of how hard this was!!

Finally, I blew a few bubbles onto the Korean fir tree and I like the result. Another day I will make the correct bubble mix and have more time. (I won't be able to kneel for another month though!)

Thank you for all your good wishes for both or us yesterday. We slept fairly well. Mum is confined to bed - not her idea. I've given her antibiotics to try to prevent infection in the wound (it was deep and messy) and I've rebandaged, but not moved the dressings. She now has the sore throat that came before my cold.

One of the cats was sick this morning.

I seem to be on the improve from my cold.

It's all good fun in our house this weekend. I may not watch the final episode of Les Miserables  tonight.

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