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By walkingMarj

I can see you!

After a morning of yet more tidying and sorting, I escaped for a short walk from Wark by the riverside. It was a lovely day, if a bit on the chilly side.

One field had resident ewes who looked ready to pop at any time. Two fields on and there were tiny lambs. This mother watched me very carefully as I approached. I went to the fence to look. She had two lambs. She was inclined to walk away from them, so I retreated.

Tonight, Liz, Nick and I went for a quick Italian meal in Hexham before seeing The Passion of Joan of Arc, a 1928 silent film with an improvised accompaniment by Jonathan Eyre. He played the Phelps organ which was illuminated in red. The film was remarkable and we were gripped by every shot from beginning to end. I don't know if I can remove her image from my brain tonight.

One of the most emotional film experiences of any era, Carl Theodor Dreyer’s The Passion of Joan of Arc charts the final days of Joan of Arc as she undergoes the debasement that accompanies her trial for charges of heresy – through her imprisonment and execution at the stake.

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