An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

National Puppy Day...

Well it is in America I believe so that's my excuse for blipping Lola I know, like I need an excuse :-) 

I wanted to blip the smiley shot of her (see extra) but the profile shot let me create a composite comparison of her now at 21 months with her profile at 9 weeks old :-))

All go here today.  

David picked Alan's pal Andrew up a lunch time.  He was in hyper mode as tonight was the much anticipated Busted concert at the Hydro.  To pass the time till then Jordan took him and Alan to the Kelpies.  The cafe was mobbed so they sat outside to have their refreshments.  Andrew described the experience as fresh!  :-))

After pizza for dinner David, Alan, Andrew and Ally set off for Glasgow.  I had the perfect evening planned.  Some photo editing, a You Tube photography tutorial, starting a new book, a blip catch up....turns out five minutes after they left, I dozed off, only waking up again ten minutes before they returned!  Hardly surprising as I was still awake at 3am!

They are now back and a good time was had by all.  

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