Now, as I see it......

By JohnRH

Upton House Blipmeet

Firstly, many thanks for all the comments, stars and hearts (and 'likes' on Facebook) for my butterfly blip yesterday.  It managed to ride well up on the 'Popular' pages!

Going through blip this morning I saw that the postponed Upton House Blipmeet had been rearranged for today so after a shorter than usual swim I headed over.  Organiser steveng and his wife Gill were joined by Hildasrose and husband Rob, and Fitzbilly, while Lozarithm joined us for the first part.  The usual Blipmeet formalities were observed; coffee, cake, garden, lunch, house, and then I headed off home as the others were about to attack the Bog Garden.  The gardens at Upton House are unusual in that they are in a deep valley at the bottom of the lawn so not visible from the house, but that gives them their own unique microclimate.  I know from a previous visit how good they can look but we were perhaps about six weeks early to catch them at their full glory.

My main shot is a view of the gardens across the mirror lake (which was a bit short of water) whilst I've added an extra of the assembled blippers across said lake.  An enjoyable day with some good company.

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