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By walkingMarj

Gold Island

There were no workmen today. I spent part of the morning doing my best to clean the kitchen. The dust and debris is horrible. I can't quite imaging a new, sparkling kitchen emerging from this mess.

Lynsey came and cut my hair. My last haircut (by someone else) was a disaster and I've been getting increasingly desperate to have it cut again. I'm never happy until I wash it myself and see the true shape, but it looks much better than before. 

This afternoon I popped up to Wark and to Gold Island. I thought the bluebells might be over. Not only are they still flowering, but the grass and other wild flower growth has created a luxuriant green backdrop against which the bluebells are stunning. I was initially disappointed that the sun had gone in and the rain started. (It was the "gentle rain from heaven" that Portia speaks of in The Merchant of Venice.) The colours looked supersaturated as a result.

My blip is bird cherry. This is one of my favourite trees when in flower.

I also saw red campion, crosswort, marsh marigolds, globe flowers, stitchwort, wild garlic etc, etc. I met two acquaintances who had listed 64 species on the island today. It's magical.

I've put a couple in my extras.

Home to cook a savoury mince for our evening meal. It will do a few more meals in the future too.

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