An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Horse Breath 2

I last photographed the Kelpies in September when Blip pal Patricia was here visiting from America and captured Horse Breath.  It seems fitting then that my next visit today with Blip pal Karen, allowed me to capture Horse Breath 2!  But more on the Kelpies in a mo....we packed so much more into the day!

When we woke up this morning we were all delighted to see that  yesterday's cold, wet weather had given way to sunshine and warmth.

After breakfast Karen headed off to the moor with David and Lola for Lola's morning walk.  They returned energised from the experience and Karen had even managed to see a deer.

Karen had packed her bags before she went to the moor so all that was left to do was say goodbye to Alan and Lola. (see extras)  Karen has proved to be a big hit with Lola and Alan, with Alan giving his approval for a return visit!  :-))

First stop of the day was Broadslap for lunch.  Delicious as usual, then on to the first of two of sculptor Andy Scott's public installations that we would visit today.

Arria is in our old stomping ground of Cumbernauld and although there is no denying the Kelpies are jaw droppingly awesome, my favourite is Arria.  She would have been my blip today if I hadn't captured horse breath 2 (see extras - one with a certain blipper doing her stuff :-)  Arria is only a third of the size of the Kelpies (10m tall to their 30m) but because of personal connections and history, I am more sentimentally invested in her than the Kelpies.

From there we headed to Falkirk to the main attraction for Karen, who has wanted to see The Kelpies for a long time.   I don't think she was disappointed.  Many photographs later, she popped into the gift shop and was delighted to find a little Highland Coo ornament for sale.  She'd been looking for one and had tried a couple of shops but was running out of hope of finding one.

From there we popped along to the Falkirk Wheel and after photos there we had half an hour to kill before taking Karen to Edinburgh airport, so we popped into the new cafe/restaurant that's opened there The Boardwalk, and very lovely it was too.

All too soon it was time it drop Karen off at the airport for her flight home.

So glad your flight was on time and you got home earlier than you thought you would Karen.  It's been so lovely to meet you at last and we've had great fun in your company.  Haste ye back :-)) xx

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