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By walkingMarj

The first sweet peas

These are the first cuttings of our sweet peas this year. We always wonder what colours will come. There are only 5 plants, arranged around a small wigwam in the rose border.

I also cut one rose from a beautiful bush given to me by Pat and Pam on my 60th birthday. Since then Pam has died, but the rose reminds me of her gentle, positive character.

A lovely man came to clean carpets for us today. We had the two lounges and the hall, landing and stairs done. That was quite a task. I've been paddling around in bare feet so as not to put any marks from shoes on the carpets. 

He did tell me that the hall carpet is separating from the canvas base, which means I need a new carpet! Not this year I don't!

Now I can start to sort out the chaos, which is probably at its worst. I had to move as much as possible out of each room. I now need to find the long stapler for the leaflets for tomorrow's training session. I may need to abseil into the dining room.

We hope this is the last noisy job to be done and that we can return to our quiet normality.

Margret (next door) has slept a lot of the day in her own bed with Mark looking after her. She needs a few more quiet days like this to regain her strength.

I watched tennis while the carpets dried. Some results were predictable, but well done to Jo Konta for her victory.

Now, where are my climbing shoes and rope??

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