Shaun The Sheep

It rained all through the night and most of today.  I decided to do indoor stuff and hoped the rain would stop so I could go out later.

Watched TV this morning.  Noticed that BBC 2 were showing two  7 min episodes of Shaun The Sheep and then the film.  Watched the two episodes.  The film is recorded to watch another time. I love Shaun The Sheep.  Silly - but lots of fun.  My entry for Silly Saturday hosted by admirer

Musical link - theme tune for Shaun The Sheep

The weather did dry up so around 4pm I got the bus to Gateshead.  Did food shopping in Tesco and Iceland.  Bought what I thought was a lemon sole fillet in Tesco.  It was on the " Reduced Shelf" and was inside a white plastic bag so I couldn't actually see what it looked like.  I thought the label said Lemon Sole Fillet but when I got it home and opened it it turned out to be a whole fish - tail, head fins, skin .... everything.  I have never bought a whole fish before.  Not sure I want a whole fish.  Will have to Google to check out how to deal with it.  Silly me - should have read the label properly.

Raining again now at 10.25pm and its quite cool.  Hopefully we will get better weather tomorrow. The Sunderland Air Show is on at the moment and it would be good for the organisers if the weather was nice to encourage more spectators to turn up.

Steps today - 5,197

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