Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Kermit the hermit

This herm (no, nothing to do with hermits, that was just me being silly) stands in the little garden by the water gate at the east end of Winchester Cathedral.  It seems odd to have a Greek god (Hermes) within the bounds of an English Christian cathedral, but perhaps not entirely inappropriate.

It's all Greek to me..

You can't get near this fella.  You have to stand on a path behind railings and look up a short strip of lily-covered water to where he stands half-hidden beneath a magnolia grandiflora and backed by a brick wall.  I have tried to blip him so many times, without success, but today I must have been a bit earlier than usual.  The sunlight (Friday 13th?  Bah, it was summer) was bouncing off the water and straight up onto his face.

The other notable thing about today was that I had the spa treatment my lovely son bought me for my birthday.  Ooo errr, missus, it were lovely - and expensive, I was shocked!!  What a very kind man he is.

And it's the weekend.  Have a great one  xx

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