By Teasel

Nungate Bridge

What an amazing day.  There has been sunshine, blue skies and warmth all day.  It was like summer again. I got BB off to school, hung out some washing and went out for a run.  I wasn’t feeling full of energy, but it was such a glorious morning.  I ran five miles. After a few chores, I decided to head out for some shopping, but took a detour by the river, in the sunshine,  I bumped into  friend and we stood in the sunshine, chatting for ages.  Eventually I made it to the supermarket.

It was then home for lunch in the garden, and I decided to abandon my chores in favour of reading my book in the sunshine.  I finished the book then headed out to meet BB who had been playing football.  I returned my book to the library, took B to his doctor’s appointment then we headed back to the supermarket to get him some breakfast cereal which I had forgotten earlier.

Later he had scouts and I cooked.  I had planned to bake, but it was too late.  I have just watched an interesting programme about the Vatican, and think I will be in bed very soon.  I hope the good weather continues tomorrow.

I don’t think I have blipped this view over Nungate bridge before.

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