Too long

It's been too long since I last posted a photo of Abe on Blip. Since August 19th to be precise! So, here's along overdue pic of our beautiful, smart, and oh so stubborn boy.

It's been a cruisy day. Warm, so perfect for doing not a whole lot. Abe is slowly learning that lying in the sun = lots of panting and over heating. I worry because it's not even that hot yet. He'll learn, I guess. We just keep him on ice cubes and lots of water.

I've had the privilege to host Tiny Tuesday this week (the first of my five October Tiny Tuesdays). The sub-theme (optional) was 'colour' and it was wonderful to see such a riot of spring and autumnal colours. Thanks to everyone who took part. Here are my hearts for this week's Tiny Tuesday:

- This beautiful orchid from Grahamcolling was simple and striking.
Web of jewels by Skeena ticked all the boxes for me. Brilliant.
Autumn snail from CleanSteve had vibrant colours and a tiny snail. What's not to like?
A tale of two insects by dfb24 had a great narrative.
Head Scratcher by shirleyray was a beautiful shot of a praying mantis; green on green. Loved it.

Thank you to everyone for your entries.

Here's how October is going to play out:

TT228 Oct 08 - Native
TT229 Oct 15 - Creative
TT230 Oct 22 - Shadow
TT231 Oct 29 - Colour (again!)

I look forward to seeing all your beautiful images.


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