Oh dear, sorry about the whingeing yesterday - usually I'm relentlessy optimistic and the is glass bubbling over but yesterday felt a bit grim. Today - look - the sun has been shining, the hair is fine, the birds are singing and TJ and I had lunch al fresco!! It was ridiculously warm and we sat on a little balcony, ate caesar salads and discussed the extent of the Viking empire - she of course is brimming with Viking ancestry.

So this is the view on the way to Schull - you're looking out towards the Sheepshead. I live across the water a little further down, but I've always liked the look of this little harbour with its red boats, so today I pulled in and dashed across the road, squeezed through a fence and blipped it.
The temperature has now dropped and the clouds have rolled in but no sign of the snow that's causing havoc across the water. Have a good weekend :)

And I've just realised, there's a nice serendipity about this for in one of his fabulous blips about grand houses, Whitecliff Manor to be precise, Angellightphoto mentioned that Captain Townsend owned another house in Dunbeacon, Cork and this is Dunbeacon!!

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