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By walkingMarj

A frustrating day at home

I had great plans for cracking on with sorting out the study today, BUT I could not find my bank debit card anywhere. Why was it not on the desk where it lives? I needed it to do some online banking.

I spent hours looking through all the pockets of coats and in handbags and in the car, becoming more frustrated as the time went by. Yes, I have too many coats!

Eventually the sage of the household told me to cancel the card. Right. Phoned Barclays, once I had found their number, to hear that there was more than an hour to wait to speak to an advisor. Obviously the Coronavirus has hit the call centres.

I left it and had the briefest blast of fresh air. I delivered tea to Margaret and Brian (across the road) then walked to the shop window and back. I called on Margret (next door) to speak from a safe distance. It’s good to see other people if we can.

My Tesco delivery came. No loo rolls or tissues as expected, but also no white onions but red instead. Weird.

The aubretia in my blip grows in profusion on the walls in our village. I liked the contrast against the colourful bricks.

When I phoned Barclays again I expected to be on speakerphone while I cooked the evening meal. Instead I was put through to Wayne who was delightful, cancelled my old card and arranged for a new one.

My cousin Margaret in Australia phoned tonight. Everyone is virus clear so far.

PS if anyone remembers the saga of the lost cable, please don’t mention my tendency to lose things!

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