Lady Banks Arbor

This is about as close as I can get to a road as I can get these days. Taken from the top of the path from the house level to the arbor terrace.Every day I try to walk up the path, down the stairs on the other side through the garage, along the driveway in front of the house and down the steep driveway to the street. I dare not let my toe touch the street lest I contaminate myself. The number of times I have to do this circuit to get  decent number of steps qualifies it, I believe, as a road....
The greenish growth that looks like weeds is poppy plants which migrated out beds and into the gravel where they aren't getting much water.

A bit late, as we have been wrestling with various questions of hygiene and sterilization for ten days now came a couple of articles of about how other people are dealing with it. Both of them are doctors.The first was a video, describing how to use sterile technique when handling groceries or take out food. First, he said, if you are over 70 just don't go to the store. It's good advice but not too feasible in our circumstances. And the grocery delivery services are not taking new orders.

The description that follows, also good advice, is totally crazy making. Contamination lurking packaging and dump out food without touching it. Don't freeze anything because the virus will last two years  if frozen. Damn, now I'm throwing away everything in my freezer for the fourth time....Unless I can somehow get the food out without touching the wrapping and dump it directly into the microwave. The microwaves will kill the little bas**rds.

The paper had an article about a doctor at the local hospital which  recounts his 'commute'. He leaves the hospital, sanitizes the entire inside of the car, paying special attention to steering wheel, gear shift and door handles. He drives an mile to his house and into the garage, gets out of his car and stands in a tray of bleach with a towel in the bottom of it, presumably so he doesn't slip and fall contaminating the entire garage. He then removes all clothing that has been inside the hospital, leaving him standing buck naked in his wet tennies before he enters the house where his wife and three year old son are waiting for him. I can't help but smile when I try to picture a stark naked man standing at the threshold calling out, "Hi honey, I'm home...."
Then he goes straight to the shower. 

The Blue Apron guy wearing blue gloves and a mask dropped our box on the porch. Now what am I supposed to do with it? How many boxes did he handle with those gloves? Oh, maybe he's protecting himself from me...Bless him for coming. We have been getting Blue Apron meals for years. They've been through some hard times but we've stuck with them. Now they are sticking with us even though they are overwhelmed with orders. 

We managed to connect with the Pilates class via Zoom yesterday after technical difficulties Monday almost did in my head and what little equanimity was left there. Aside from the fact that we put our mats too close together (for the benefit of the computer camera) and Ozzie wandered in a few times to check out the mats and walk between our legs as we were doing squats, it was good. Another familiar experience seen from a totally different perspective. 

It's all completely counterintuitive. Before the sanity goes completely, take a look at this video of the Toronto Symphony. The link was published by Blipper pzap62. It made me weep, not so much for the music as for the thought of how many people are taking on whole new roles or a whole new way of accomplishing what they do in order to help each other get through these very strange times. 

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