Look what I found

Quiet morning.  A parcel of " Skinny " syrups and sauces arrived which I had ordered online.  Looking forward to trying them.

This afternoon I had a wander down to the village.  Both Tesco and Herons had a queue outside.  Decided to go into Tesco as I figured I would have more chance of getting everything I needed in there. ( and I did )  Whilst I waited in the queue I could hear the chap behind me talking on his phone.  He had 3  calls and during all of them he excitedly mentioned his " tip" for keeping your distance.  " Just imagine Peter Crouch is lying on the ground between you and the next person". ( Peter Crouch, in case you don't know is a 6' 7" tall footballer ) He went on and on about this Peter Crouch idea. A good idea - in theory.  It was a pity that he didn't actually put it into practice.  In Tesco they have markings on the floor to make sure you keep 2 metres apart.   But as I was choosing something from the shelves this chap leaned over me to grab something for himself.  What happened to the Peter Crouch idea?  Silly man.

So what's in my blip shot.  Its a pair of men's underpants ( Lonsdale brand ) which I found in the back lane. I guess they were blown off someone's washing line. They seem to have been there quite some time but I only noticed them today as I was looking around trying to find something to blip.  I had though I might be blipping a lovely flower not a pair of manky underpants.  However they seemed silly enough for a Silly Saturday blip.  Thanks to admirer for hosting.  I suppose they could be classed as derelict too so I have tagged for that challenge as well.

Musical link LOST AND FOUND - by The Kinks

When I got home I settled down to watch The Virtual Grand National.  I managed to pick the 3rd placed horse ( didn't have a proper bet though)

Then at 6.30pm I had virtual drinks with Becky and Mike using Whatsapp.  We spent around an hour catching up and having fun.  I'm glad this has become a regular thing.  Something to look forward to.

Steps today - 7,123

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