An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Nineteen Eighty One...

By the time I switched my bedside light off last night, I had just gotten to the end of my 1985 diary and had started my first job.  

Bittersweet memories reading about a colleague who's no longer with us, but lovely memories reading about meeting for the first time and getting to know another colleague, who is now a life long friend.  I shall be regaling her with snippets that will hopefully make her laugh as she's going through a tough time just now.  

It struck me this morning that before I delve into 1986, I should start at the beginning.  The first year I journaled was 1980 but a few years ago I typed the contents of that onto a word document, so I'm familiar with its contents.  That then takes me to 1981.

My 1981 diary (today's blip incase you hadn't realised :-) was a five year diary but was so small I used a page per day.  Every page is lovingly filled in until 27th April, which was a Monday.  Exactly five days before my life changed forever.

I don't know why there are no entries after 27th April, but the blank pages provide a dramatic pause before the next entry on 2nd May, which was actually written in October 1982 and is blipped HERE. 

In other news, I've not just been living in the past today.  Nope, as well as "speaking" to Agnes about a zoom pub quiz on Friday night, I started a painting for a friend in exchange for a very different lovely piece of cross-stitch she is doing for me.  

I also spoke to my electrician pal Alan, who throws clay as his hobby, and he has made some hilariously amazing pieces over the last few days.  I have purchased two of them and will blip them soon.  I hope they will make you smile as much as I did when I saw them :-))

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