TinyTuesday: "Fly Tipping...?!" (Lol)

MaryElizaR asked us to look in "Your junk drawer" for something to blip for today's Tiny Tuesday challenge.

Well, regular readers of my journal will know that (much to my Editor's disgust) I have a tendency to collect any little insects which have "gone to meet their maker" when I find them occasionally on a windowsill. They go into a little pot (actually an old 35mm film canister) to be kept for possible future blips (for example, here.)

As part of the lockdown, our local rubbish tip is currently closed, which is probably why the buggy which I blipped on Saturday ended up where it was. So I found it too tempting to create a blip showing "fly tipping" :-))

Hope it's not put you off your next meal...

(MaryElizaR suggested that this might be a good time to clean out our junk drawer. Sorry, these are going back into their pot, you never know when I may need them again...!)

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