A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Boys from the black stuff!

We were up early to go shopping.
My first shopping trip for over a month. The first time I’ve used my hand bag and been in the car since the middle of March! (Chris has done all the supermarket shopping thus far)
I wanted to go to M&S for a stock up of chicken products and salmon in particular so Chris drove and I went in the shop.
I admit to being rather trepidatious but a nice lady greeted me and there was no queue. Think we got the timing right and I was out just after 9.30am when a small queue had formed outside and I was less quite a sizeable sum of money!

We got home just before all this (blip) started. The men were waiting for the truck and now, having just finished at 3.30pm, they have just left us with the bill.

Waiting briefly in the car for Chris, in the village earlier, I took the extra shot of people queuing for the Post Office.
(Wilsden Walker has spotted that the lady at the front of the queue is using her elbow to open the PO door)
Flower Friday - extra two are the lovely tulips Chris got me from Lidl earlier in the week.

Stay safe everyone and have a good weekend.

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