Wild Garlic

A blip of the wild garlic growing along the river before it goes over for the year. I realise that my blips have been mainly flower and plant based for ages but honestly there isn't much else. And one bonus of the pandemic is that wild flowers seem to be more vigorous this year. It must be because the local authority has stopped or delayed its customary eager grass cutting. Where I walked today it was as if a machair had suddenly popped up in Stirling. Well maybe not quite but it was a big improvement on past years.

Anyway, the garlic it is.

Rain and high wind in the forecast for the next few days. A bit disappointing but we've had an amazingly cheerful spell of weather of late.

Thought the FM did well yesterday and although the first phase of easing of restrictions won't have a big impact on our lives we are going in the right direction. There were hopeful messages for the future. And the near-ish future at that. But how careful we still have to be. That's something to keep remembering.

Friday again. I feel a baking urge so I will spend time in the kitchen. First of all some Community Council stuff to attend to and some other admin.

Stay well everyone and have an enjoyable weekend

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