An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Lola love...

Backblipped 27.05.20

A swimming day for Alan, but prior to that some love and licks from Lola.  She makes him giggle and he makes her bark.  It's hilarious!  It's their personal little conversation.

I spent the afternoon working on the report for the family of the young man  who's facing being moved from living independently in his close knit community with family and friends lose by, to a residential home over three hours away.  Can you imagine how it would feel if that was happening to you?  Or one of your children?  Actually don't, because it will tear your heart out.

A little light relief in the evening when we joined Agnes, Adrian, Emily and Sam for our weekly Pub Quiz.  It was the usually hoot and we won!  Just the tonic I needed...and the gin too, of course ;-)))

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