Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

Hazy geranium

We have several different perennial geraniums in our borders and they look wonderful at this time of year. 

Today has been the day of 'phone calls. I can't remember a day when we received so many. We made a few of our own too!

I did my operation pre-assessment on the 'phone, although I do have to go in for bloods and swabs next week. (I have to go again for a "drive thru" Covid 19 swab just before the operation too.)

We had some lovely chats with friends today. It was hard to do anything else in the end.

Margaret (across the road) came this afternoon to chat to Mum from the conservatory.

I managed to change two beds and do a load of washing. Otherwise I'm still looking for the photos from the Haltwhistle Challenge 2009. I have no idea where they are and it's driving me mad.

I tried to go out this afternoon, but the rain was torrential, so I confined myself to the garden. I fancied something ethereal for Flower Friday.

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