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By walkingMarj

No paparazzi please!

The highlights of today were visits from the other Marjorie (this morning) and Julie (this afternoon). Both should be bottled as tonics! Lots of chat and laughter as well as serious moments.

We were able to sit in the garden.

This morning I wheeled Mum around to the back garden. It is the first time she has been outside this year. She was wrapped in blankets and enjoyed the fresh air. Our garden has a couple of little slopes which made pushing the chair a bit of a challenge, but I managed.

Marjorie is a great sport and immediately reacted when I produced the camera!

I went into the loft to try to find a connection to bring an old external hard drive to life. I've been looking everywhere for the photographs of the first Haltwhistle Challenge in 2009. After a *hot half hour of disentangling old cables in a large box (!) I found one that fitted, provided I held the connection at a slight angle. 

The most wonderful thing is that the Challenge photos, the ones that Maureen needs for her book about the festival, are there. 

Julie had been walking and visiting as is her wont. We had a good catch up. It was so much better than on Facetime.

My extra is the bouquet that arrived yesterday from Eric and Pauline to celebrate their golden wedding. The roses are stunning. Marjorie thought they were artificial, but they are opening fast.  

*My loft is well insulated.

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