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By walkingMarj

The structure of summer

I have tried growing eryngiums but with no sustained success. This one is in a bed in the centre of our village. I think it is Miss Wilmott's Ghost and it is doing very well.

I walked down the village this afternoon to try to speak to one of the men working on the road. There was no one to find. The road should have been resurfaced last week. Today they were due to start and I wanted to know if I will have access to my drive tomorrow. Apparently a large vehicle broke down, so no work was done today. Communication with us locals has been fragmentary and has depended on the rumour mill!

I then joined Margret and her friend, Anna, to pick black currants which are in abundance in her fruit garden. Then the rain came. It's a most beautiful evening.

This morning I woke to hear Mum's buzzer. I had overslept by a long way. I felt as though I had been in a deep sleep, but since I awoke in the middle of a very complicated dream, I know it was REM sleep at the time. I was the nanny for the Queen's fourth child, but the others were all grown up and the queen looked like A, who has three grown ups and a baby. Then the palace was under attack. Two terrorists broke into the baby's bedroom and threatened to shoot my feet (?!) but I escaped. The baby was 1 but suddenly started to ask me questions, like "What is a cup of tea". Then the baby disappeared and I could not find him.

I think that is more than enough. The fact that I watched all episodes of "The Secrets She Keeps" may have influenced the missing baby scenario, but how I became the royal nanny is well beyond me!

hazelh may wish to comment......

I'm hoping for a more normal night tonight with an alarm to wake me.

Our morning Zoom photo meeting was very good.

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