Murphy’s Law

By laurie54

Not Together

I couldn't think of something for today's mono Monday theme of together, sorry. But I did see this young cardinal again, this time without its papa.  It's a shame I couldn't get them together. 

Nothing happening today.  I went to bed with that headache from yesterday and woke up with it.  I took some migraine medicine but it didn't seem to help much.  Birdseed Lady dropped off my 40 lbs.  I can open and close my garage with my phone so I didn't have to get out of bed. I felt somewhat better after a shower and had slept with my ankle brace so that felt better, too. 

I had to laugh at the weather person on television because she was excited to the point of giddiness as she reported the chances of rain. Only in Arizona would there be so much glee from the weather person at the possibility for five days of rain.

In the U.S. the authorities put out emergency alerts by beginning with a loud, long tone.  I have Bluetooth hearing aids so the sounds from my phone go directly into my ears. I have most alerts disabled so imagine my shock when a loud, abrasive noise rattled my brain.  It was a 'blowing dust warning - NOW' sent by the Dept of Transportation.  Glad I wasn't on the road because NOW isn't much of a warning.
EDIT: Dust storm/haboob

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