Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Look Closer!

This is the second Monarch to emerge in my nursery this season, a beautiful, perfect female.  But look you see the little 2nd instar cat on the leaf? And can you hear the butterfly thinking to herself "what are these huge things on my back, and what happened to my lovely stripes?"  

Today's Monarch flies for Cathy, the sister of fellow blipper SimpleMoments.   

Naturally, I consulted with both the butterfly and the cat on this weeks' picks for TinyTuesday.  And as always, it was a very hard decision - it's lucky there were three of us voting!  Without further adieu, Monarch Hearts to...
Freyjad for a perfectly photographed Pond Skater
JDO  for her exquisite little hoverfly in a bed of white blossoms
59 for a beautiful macro of a knitting project with soft, beautiful colors
AH14 for a beautifully detailed shot of a little Blue
Dollykgray for a really well color-coordinated butterfly on buddleia

And Monarch HM's to...
Andrew44 for a really well-done stalk of wheat with a side of landscape
ladypop for a different angle on a common butterfly
Irish for an action-packed shot in some thistle
SquirrelsEtc for a close up of Team Chippie arriving at AOG Stadium
Dollydoug for a lovely little bit of nostalgia, perfect for macro work

Thanks to all of you for making this past month of hosting TinyTuesday so much fun!  Next month you will be hosted by the capable and talented Osuzanna, and next week's tag will be #TT271.

As for me...I will be bringing you daily reports on events at the NJ AOG Olympic Stadium every day, starting on 1 August.  I am delighted to have a wonderful panel of judges from around the world to help me out.  To get all the details, Click HERE

And remember - stay safe, wear a mask, be kind and loving.


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