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By walkingMarj

Arth Mark II

Or should that be III?

We were first on the list yesterday afternoon and all went well. I was awake in recovery as quick as a flash, or so it seemed to me and I had a nurse looking after me there for about an hour.

Back on the Ward I was in a long leg splint so needed to learn to use a bedpan - oh joy!

This morning I was given crutches and managed very well. I had a couple of xrays, bloods and the physios and a shower.

Like last time there is the dilemma about what is too little and what is too much in terms of activity. I’ve had slightly conflicting advice.

Anyway, poor Arth is quite sore tonight and rather sorry for himself. He can walk with crutches and Do the stairs so we can go home tomorrow. Hurray!

My blip is the lovely lunch I had.

Time to sleep and restore one tired sore knee.

Aggie: You did well today Arth.
Arth: Do you really think so? I’m not sure....

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