By pensionspoet

Date Night

What is not to like about where we live? The answer is nothing!

So after a good but still quite long, very warm, work day, Jon made kedgeree for dinner. Something we all eat.

Then we both had quick showers to wash away the warm day, then got in my mini for a drive to a different coast for a couple of hours. It took just over half an hour, along windy lanes and then the coast road to Happisburgh. (Pronounced, by the Norfolkians as 'haysbra') - I know - that's 'Normal for Norfolk' as they say!

It was a perfect evening, and after paying a quite steep £3 to park, we wandered down on to the beach, and quite a long way along, before climbing up the cliff to walk back along the top. We went into 2 pill boxes. I tried to take an arty photo of the lighthouse from the inside. It was quite funny trying to snap it as the light came on....I ended up with a lot of photos of the same thing as Jon would say 'now' I pressed the button, and missed the light every time, except for this one, and one of the arty ones. It is an area of Norfolk that most people will be aware of due to the cliff eroding. There are large areas where attempts have been made to prevent erosion, to no avail. There are chalets and small dwellings on the edge. So far, they look ok, but for how long (see my extras)

Drove home in the dark. It was my first time driving the mini in the dark. There are little coloured lights all over the place inside. Still loving it!

Cup of tea, then bed!

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