Day at a Time

By Tweedy

A good turn out

If this looks a guddle now you should have seen it before.

The potting shed has done great service this year and I've loved having it to work in. But it really needed to be turned out and swept and today was the day. Needless to say the minute I'd got everything out it started to rain hard. The shower only lasted as long as it took me to rush everything back in and dry it as best I could. Hope nothing has come to harm. Now it's as if there was never any rain at all and we're back to a lovely autumn day.

This morning I was at the community hospital for a routine screening appointment. I'm astonished that such things have resumed. I wasn't that keen to be in a confined space but you have to balance the risks. It gave me a nice walk and I rewarded myself afterwards with a flat white, sitting outside of course.

Increased restrictions here from tomorrow. They're not going to affect me greatly. I'm not a puritan by any means but why on earth would you go to a pub during a deadly pandemic. But again it's the balance of risk and in this case I wouldn't want to be a politician making these decisions.

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