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By GadgetKid

MM ICM Results

Wow, if it wasn't for announcing Mono Monday results today, I wouldn't have blipped! It's been a full-on, non-stop day but enough about me.

We had 90 entries for a very challenging theme. A lot of people struggled but were happy they tried, and some got good results but prefer more normal images, yours truly included. It was definitely good to venture into new territory though, so thank you chantler63 for taking us out of our comfort zones and getting us to try a new technique and thanks again to everyone who took part. You're all stars! :))

Below are the entries that got a heart from me:

Dfb24 – Boats in the harbor
DawnP – Shooting Star
audioengineear – Vortex
Inverculain – Spin  (If I was in the UK this week, I would have submitted an entry like this)
Wildstar – Dull & Drizzly

As everyone got a star for participating, I'd like to list five entries that really caught my eye...

Terrifo’s Garden
Miffy – Moving with the light
Freuchie – Book Shelf
Apollofly – Outdoor Plants
AnnieBelle – Stride

I managed to produce two videos today at the cost of no church service, no downtime and no weekend afternoon siesta. Glad to be scratching things off my list though.

I wish you all a very good weekend.

PS. G found this pink cereal box whilst rummaging through the cupboard looking for a specific glass dish for her baking. She knew I needed something pink to blip, so before I finally finish this journal entry, can I ask you to click on this link please to help donate free mammograms? Thank you!

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