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A walk to St John Lee

After a long night's sleep, Arth was pain free. Amazing!

The sun was shining, so we set off for a flat walk. I parked between Acomb village and the A69 and took the (flat) path that leads to Hexham, via Tyne Green. That would have been too far to go.

We came to the bridge over the dual carriageway and ignored it, turning left to the church of St John Lee. The parish is ancient, founded in the 10th century. This 19th century building was designed by the famous north east architect, John Dobson. 

I loved the way the light hit is with the many gravestones clustered around. There is a second graveyard across the lane with Commonwealth war graves included.

I love the extra image, but I've blipped animals quite a lot lately and the church won. These cows were near the start of my walk. I loved the way the mother appears to be speaking to the calf. Just ignore her and she will go away soon!

We watched Only Connect and University Challenge this afternoon, then I made a casserole with pork mince (onions, celery, apple, courgette, sage, tomatoes, soy sauce, salt and pepper). It was very tasty.

The main image is taken on my iPhone, but the cows are from the camera.

PS The path did have ups and downs, so we walked very slowly and took small steps. So far so good.

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