By KatesGardenPDX

A Very Blustery Day!

Thank you all so much for your lovely supportive comments as well as hearts and stars  on yesterday's blip of the glowing yellow sky over the river - I can't stop thinking about that property as a potential site for our botanical garden. More soon I hope!

Meanwhile, today was so rainy and blustery! I managed to sneak in a fast walk in between downpours this morning, then did some grocery shopping for my Dad, followed by my customary Wednesday visit to them. They didn't have a caregiver today, so made lunch for them and cleaned up. Helped with some small tasks and then mom and I settled into a backgammon tournament. Today we had to play 5 games and I did manage to pull off a win, but only because I had astounding luck with the doubles. Otherwise she would have trounced me again, no doubt.

This is a lovely bit of the back garden with some pretty colors and textures. It was really too wet to do much more than a fairly quick iPhone shot. But I do love this shot! The middle plant is a hardy cyclamen and it's surrounded by dark purple heuchera (Coral Bell) leaves, a bit of rhododendron and sweet woodruff, and fallen Japanese Maple leaves and a few Sycamore leaves.  Happy Fall!

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