By Teasel

Hospital Art #3 - Girders

What a day, what a week, in fact what a few weeks it has been.  Work is always crazy busy at this time of the year but  I got to that point today where I just felt completely overwhelmed and not in control.  I have so much to do, my head just can’t cope with anymore and I couldn’t focus on any one thing as I just couldn’t think clearly.  Throw two tricky meetings in and my head was fit to burst as I don’t know where those particular issues are going to end up as there is no easy answer.  They both need funding but we have no money and no prospect of getting any. 
After the second tricky meeting I had to get out of the house for half an hour to try and refocus and get myself back in a space to  start catching up with the hundred and one things on my list.  It’s at times like these that  I really miss being in the office and feeling the support of my colleagues.  I know I have their virtual support, but it’s just not the same when you are sitting at home, alone in your kitchen.  That said, I did feel very let down by a colleague in a meeting today, which didn’t help my mind-set.  Never mind, all of this shall pass.
I did have a another short break when I took BB to football, but worked late as I was determined to shift some stuff from my in box, as I didn’t want to have to work tomorrow on my day off.    Later we had lovely leftover curry for tea .  it was delicious and only required to be heated up – perfect after my rubbish day.  Thankfully my laptop is put away until Monday morning.
Even later I went for a walk in the dark as I had hardly any steps.  It was cold, but very still and I walked further than I had planned.  Frost was glistening on the pavement and the stars were out and it was very quiet.  It was just what I needed to put the stress of the day behind me.  
Here’s another blip of hospital art.  When they were installing the pieces, I saw these girders lying, partially covered up, and assumed they were there to support the artwork when it eventually appeared.  Then one day they were unwrapped and I spotted they were painted.  They were placed on the concrete blocks – and they are in fact the art.  Check out the other two pieces here and here.  They do appear to be part of a series.

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