A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Deck the Halls

Started the day with Zoom sing which included Christmas songs putting me in the mood for making a start on the decorations. 

The tree is half up but I’ve sat down for a minute. It’s very tiring and if it doesn’t get finished till tomorrow I won’t mind as it isn’t December till then! I’m always amazed how much there is, some things will stay in the boxes so I should really prune some things out as I keep finding something new that I can’t resist.

Some things I would  never part with as they have great memories associated with them, like most of my tree decorations. Love getting them out.

This is a new advent calendar ready for tomorrow. I had a similar one last year which featured hares.  I intended using it again, though wasn’t sure where it was, but spotted this by the same artist when I was in Bristol earlier in the month. I may keep both and alternate them, unless if course I’m tempted into another next year! (I’m just finishing up the candle before starting a new one tomorrow  too.)

The day is brightening a bit now just as it is getting dark, time for some twinkling lights!

Happy St Andrew’s Day to all Scottish blippers and my Scottish friend 

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