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Flower ...........

 ............ Friday11_2020  (FF11_2020)  -  rain-soaked spirea skeleton.

Much more detail ........

Well, a bit of a milestone - it's actually six years since my first blip was titled " Flower Friday "  -  12 Dec 2014.     Quite proud of the fact that I haven't missed a single one and, since other people started joining in a week later and then I thought about a way to say thank you, I have only missed one week of sprinkling BBHearts and HMs.  
Where DOES the time go?????


BikerBear Hearts for:






BikerBear Honourable Mentions for:






Numbers a bit lower this week at 80 (thank you all) but the weather here in the northern hemisphere has not been particularly flower friendly!!     
Remember this is a very loose challenge and anything remotely connected to flowers (leaves, twigs, weeds, material, pottery etc. etc.) is more than welcome!

Smile for the Day:

A man buys a lie detector robot that slaps people who lie. He decides to test it at dinner. 
He asks his son, "Son, where were you today during school hours?" "At school." The robot slaps the son. "Okay, I went to the movies!" 
The father asks, "Which one?" "Harry Potter his son replies. " The robot slaps the son again. "Okay, I was watching porn!" 
The father replies, "What? When I was your age I didn't even know what porn was!"  The robot slaps the father. 
The mom chimes in, "Hahahaha - like father like son! " 
The robot slaps the mother.


~ Anni ~

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