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By walkingMarj

A very wet day

I'm not surprised that the sheep need a lot of extra feed at the moment. The next field is well under water and the grass is not growing yet.

You will see that I did venture forth this afternoon. It was just for a quick walk, but I did meet quite a few people, some with dogs. The collie and spaniel, who live together, know me now and come racing up for strokes.

It was very muddy. The burn is close to coming over the wooden bridge.

Thankfully, we are warm and dry at home.

To my surprise, we had a visit from two young men who wanted to add insulation to our loft. I explained that we did not need any and they left. Later, when I went to the shop, they were talking to one of my elderly neighbours at her door. I pointed out that they were much nearer than 2 metres. She thought it was fine because they were wearing masks.

Oh dear. I could not imagine that door to door "selling" is allowed during the lockdown. I contacted the council who are looking into it. When I consulted the government website, I could not find anything to say it is banned. Hmmm.

Otherwise, it's been quite a boring day. I managed to break a fluorescent tube then replacing it in Mum's lamp. It was a good excuse to vacuum her lounge (and dust). The excitement of lockdown.

Definitely better viewed large.

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