Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj


In the so-called shady area of our garden, (not as shady since the enormous beech tree next door had to be felled), grow hellebores. We gave a few seedlings to Margret next door and hers have done brilliantly. Ours have not been so good, but today I found four different colours in flower. One is almost black.

I had the camera nearly on the ground with the screen out so I could see what I was taking. There were lots of near misses, but I loved this one.

This morning I did a walk on Fallowfield Fell with Ann. We haven't seen each other for ages so we had a good natter. The walk was over too quickly, but being with someone else helps me to keep going. 

The weather was fine and we could see a long way to the north, south and west. 

This afternoon, Mum and I saw the last two of Peter Barnes' monologues and the two quizzes (OC and UC) from this week.

I thought the connecting walls were very difficult and was not surprised that the teams could not do them!

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