Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj


 This morning we had another meeting of the Covid 8, i.e. the photographers who have worked together since November on our joint project. The book is completed and has been ordered, but we needed to discuss a submission to the Creative Group of the RPS.

We had such a lot of fun composing the submission. Roger had already written it and the rest of us pulled it this way and that way. They tease me because I am the grammar pedant. I do not like sentences to begin with And or But!

I think we are having such fun, it will be hard to stop meeting. 

In other news, Oscar is avoiding walking on one front paw, but won't let me near to see it. He is also behaving just as he did when he first arrived, hiding and scuttling out of our way. It's worrying but there is little I can do.

I locked the cat flap so that he had to stay in and rest. Daisy was more than miffed and spent the whole day complaining.  

I did four loads of washing. There was routine stuff, but someone (?Oscar) had bled onto Mum's bed. 

Eventually I made it into the garden, on the most gorgeous Spring day so far. I was not feeling inspired, but I found a few skeleton flowers on the climbing hydrangea.

Parts of the lawn are full of moss. Dick will not be pleased when he returns from his winter hibernation.

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