By ArcLight


There has been obviously quite a lot of death on the balcony over the winter. I’m afraid that I didn’t make much effort to protect stuff. And I recently gave the fuchsias such a radical haircut that I might have killed them... Anyway, whatever survives was fine by me. One thing that is already coming back well is the sedum. Photographing it reminded me of the website plants for small gardens, where I got this and a few other things last year, and because I was feeling a bit glum, I allowed myself a bit of retail therapy in the form of doing an order for some plants.

It’s good for me to pop out on the balcony several times a day, which will doubtless be my habit from now until September/October. We’ll look out for an opportunity to sit out as soon as it’s an option (even if it requires dressing up...). I did get out for a walk, after I’d finished a mammoth peer review job, and then when I got back I hopped on the spinning bike for a while.

I was feeling a bit glum, because it felt like the beginning of *yet another week* when there was really nothing to look forward to.... I suspect that the rest of March in going to feel very very long...

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