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By Jeanneb53

Hubble bubble

Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments, stars and hearts for my 4000th blip yesterday.
This really is a special community and I’m delighted to have been a part of it for so long, I’m not going to eulogise too long as I shall be doing it all again in two weeks but it is sincerely appreciated.

Decided to leave our walk till a bit later today as the forecast was better for then. So sang with ATN on zoom until that was interrupted by Face time with Grace and Jude. So it was lunch time when we set off up the village.

A card to post and one to deliver and a brief stop to take a look at my son’s bench in situ with his lovely daffodils in bloom too. 
Village road side daffodils are also flowering well now.
Walking down Leech Lane you can see that the Blackthorn is very close to blooming and if it remains as warm as it was this afternoon there will be lots of blossom.
We walked back through the Goit stock valley accompanied by a Dipper on the Beck. There are Celandines out as well as some snowdrops still hanging on.

A short walk that took us over 2 hours as we stopped to talk to so many people.

Our last stop was at one of the Goit Stock cottages to talk to a friend. He was in his garden, we were on the road but I kept hearing a noise and it was frogs in his pond just over the wall. Walking back up our road past airedaleknitter’s pond I heard the same sound. I didn’t go in as as soon as you stand on the crunchy chippings around the pond they disappear but I could see them over the wall through the surrounding shrubs. 

A real Hubble bubble of frogs and frog spawn and I liked this one enough to make it today’s blip. Very appropriate for the real spring weather we experienced today. More please!

I get quite upset seeing the state of the sheep in the fields bordering Leech Lane. It is so muddy you can barely tell which is the sheep and which is a mole hill if they are sitting down!
I really don’t think they should be like this. 
A few years ago in a different field my friend and I helped a sheep having difficulty giving birth ( it was on its back - a Rigwelter) the farmer, not from the village, was eventually located and was indifferent to say the least. My childhood neighbour who was a farmer has told us the herd isn’t in good condition.

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