Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

Sharing Blipfoto

Email from editor (cc'd to Blip Community coordinators) giving permission to use these photos. This is not a reportable blip.  Thank you.

I was so excited with anticipation that I stayed up until the wee hours waiting for the local newspaper to go online.  I was amazed at the quality of the writing but even more about the length.  I'm grateful to reporter Mary Glen Hatcher and editor Dan Shearer.

A lot of people reached out to me after reading it.  The weird thing was that they were people I hadn't expected to hear from.  Not a word from my friends (?) from church or singles but plenty of folks I know from outside those spheres.  Many had connections to my mom, including her favorite caregiver.  

The two servers at the Deli (Nicole and Sheila) made a huge fuss when they saw me coming making sure that all the people sitting outside knew I was now a "Green Valley Celebrity."  Of course, it was just my 15 minutes of fame.  With any luck, it will have piqued some interest in Blipfoto.

Here's a link to the article*   but I already know countries in the EU/EEA won't be able to open it.  Not sure about places other than the U.S.  The article spans three pages so the blip was the front page of the paper.  I've included the next two (p A11 & A12) as extras. The original blip seems easier for me to read and the extras are pretty good, too.

This was how the article ended:
     "The other day, I was driving home and could not take my eyes off the sky," she said.  "No fabulous photographer would take this photo," she said, recalling the clouds that captivated her. "But when you're a 'blipper' you stop chasing just the sunsets. Everywhere you look you see a blip - everywhere you look," Cirrincione said.
     "It doesn't have to be a hawk or a hummingbird or a perfect scene.  It's just fun, and that's beautiful."
*I believe you get a free article or two but just in case it asks, log in with buzzard in place of email and pw Broccoli!  Note the (!) at the end. I  don't think the paper would mind this one time since everyone is out of market.

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