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By walkingMarj

The proof reader

My day has been dominated by the shingles. As long as I take pain killers regularly, it's not too bad, but I do feel under the weather. 

I managed to have a go at putting together a piece of prose for the village Book of Covid. It's to go with a few images I have taken during the pandemic. Mum is sitting here and checking it. She is very good at spotting errors or seeing if a sentence could be worded better.

My lovely walking friends had a good time out today. It was sunny and very warm. My weather app says that the temperature will be 12 degrees colder tomorrow (that C not F for any overseas friends). I won't be going anywhere. Julie and I were going to go to Belsay - another time.

Mum and I watched a fascinating presentation from Bookmarks, the socialist bookshop. Michael Rosen and Paul O'Brien discussed William Morris' poem, Pilgrims of Hope,  which has been republished in a new book. I found myself ashamed that I did not know much about William Morris and politics. How have I missed this aspect of his life? You can see the talk recorded on Facebook. 

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