Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

Pom poms

There was snow overnight and it lingered in shady parts of the garden until after lunch. The sun shone brightly but it was windy and bitterly cold outside.

After the sore eyes yesterday, I stayed in the house until late afternoon. Then I ventured out with my camera. I wanted to capture the pom pom primulas before they go over. Lesley gave me the original plants. I need to split them this year. They give a splendid show.

Is anyone else reminded of bathing hats from a particular era when you look at these?!

After the morning jobs, I settled down to watch Line of Duty. I did not move until the episode was over. No knitting while watching. It is totally compelling. Then I listened to the BBC podcast, Obsessed by Line of Duty. I may need to go back and watch some old episodes now.

I'm knitting to send to the charity OHOB and I now know that they need a wide variety of knitted and other goods. I enjoy knitting small items, because I can see that I can complete them.  Adult jumpers take too long!!

Tonight I'm knitting a hat with a heart pattern on one side. I hope I get it right. University Challenge starts soon. 

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