Capital adventures

By marchmont


I used to have 2 patio apples. One died. I've moved the other one to where I can see it from the window.

A day off. There was heavy rain in the night but it was dry by the time I got up just before 8 and drove to the pool as I had another busy day ahead. Are there any other kind? Pool was really quiet but I'm disappointed I won't be able to swim there at the weekends now.

Home for another quick turnaround before out to Bonnyrig. It was too cold to sit out the statutory 15 minutes in the garden (why were folk masked?) so I sat in my car instead for the last 10. Unlike Ingliston no-one was keeping an eye on you anyway.

Then out to the real world, past another vax centre at QMU, to Fort Kinnaird. First stop B&Q for paint samples. #3 son is right, the white is boring. Got bulbs for Mum's fridge but they are not right.

Then to PC World where the lovely Maya then Nick sold me a new laptop, as recommended by the online chat, and it was £70 off. Goodness knows when I'll find time to set it up and install data.

It was better weather than forecast, sunny but so cold. Fort Kinnaird was busy, though the shops didn't seem to be. Went to M&S for wearables (!), edibles and too many drinkables. Must stop this treat mentality. I do not need rewarded for doing too much. Stopped by #2 son's to collect mail (past a Covid test centre) and look at the garden. That's another job to add to the list.

Home via an ATM to take out my own money, the first time I've handled my UK cash for over 16 months. That was immediately handed over to J to pay for last week's work. He has an EV charger at his front door. Interesting.

Parceled up the books I'd bought on impulse for the girls and #2 son's cards. Spoke to him first. He's not well. Sounds really rough, a cold. The books came back with me. The online price was half of what the PO wanted to charge me, which would have been 4 times their value.

By sitting in the most sheltered spot, beside the outside tap, I managed an hour in the sun with my cross stitch. The wind was bitingly cold. I managed to get hold of D, our successful candidate so that's another job ticked off.

Then the weekly Zoom. We are now talking about meeting up, in person and there was a first tonight. 10 seconds of silence, a lull in the chaos, no-one spoke. That's the first time in over a year. I won the quiz. Strange, as it was very difficult and there was a whole round on sport.

I over indulged with the M&S goodies, caught up with the Edinburgh ep of Kirsty and Phil, interspersed with HIGNFY. There was a long thoughtful discussion on the Great PO scandal. I've been relistening to the series on R4. It was appalling, the covers ups and unwillingness to accept system frailty and failure. People's Iives were ruined.

Then I fell into bed, earlier than last night.

Interesting reading about the fellow blippers who are now blatant rule breakers having railed earlier against others doing so. It is the same in our Zoomers group. I think it's an age thing.

F2F - 11 (most for ages)
Phone calls - 1
Virtual -1

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