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By Damnonii

Straight down the middle...

Backblipped 05.05.21

It was David's first round of golf at Dunbar since last October and this shot was taken (obviously not by me so sue me :-) just as he was about to hit his best ever drive.  It was also the coldest he's felt on a course although it did get warmer as the round went on.  

The round was much talked about when he returned so I thought he deserved to be my blip :-)

Whilst David was freezing at Dunbar, I was in the study taking part in the first of four RPS online workshops on Photoshop.  

I was a bit nervous as the workshop required two monitors - one to engage with the tutor and one with photoshop to enable me to work alongside the her.  David installed zoom on Alan's laptop so I was using that for the tutorial and my laptop for photoshop.  I was convinced it would all go wrong and with D not here, I'd be stuffed!  Thankfully it all worked perfectly and I really enjoyed it.  Three more workshops to go and looking forward to them.  

A late dinner as D wasn't home till 8.30pm afterwhich we both dozed off!  D due to fresh air and exercise, me due to having my brain cells stretched!  :-))

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