Everyday Life

By Julez

It's All I've Got

So It Will have To Do!

I took this last night at gone midnight so it counts as today. I have looked for other things to Blip but nothing caught my eye. I'd have looked harder if I'd realised how out of focus this is. 

They called from the care home today to talk about an end of life care plan for my Mum. This is standard procedure once someone is officially a permanent resident, as no-one comes out of those places alive, let's face it! Even so it is not a nice thing to discuss, especially as it is not something we have ever really talked about. They do have funeral plans set up and I will send the home a copy of that once I can leave the house again.

This evening I have had a migraine - one of the worst I've had for a while despite taking my tablets straight away. I can at least see properly again now even if my head and neck do feel like they are in a vice!

Tomorrow is our last official day in captivity!! Yayy!!!

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