Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Baleful dog amongst the wildflowers

When I was desk bound this morning in a 2.5 hour online meeting Flora was off on a long walk. She was hardly home when I felt I had to stretch my legs so off she went on her second long walk. Here she is feeling it on her tired paws.

I went to the loop of the river where, last year, there were scores of orchids. I don't know if they were early last year because of the warm spring or late this year because of the cold weather but I didn't see one. Lots of cuckoo flower, stitchwort, vetch, buttercups, marsh marigolds, dandelions, plantains, cow parsley and, unfortunately, giant hogweed but not an orchid. I'll go back.

The weather is definitely better. Thank goodness. Have a good weekend everyone.

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