By dunkyc

Bargain bears

When asked what they wanted to do this week, the wee ones were unanimous in their only request: we want to go to a boot sale.

Our plans for the week are pretty fluid, but with the boot sale being the one standing appointment, we were up and out fairly sharpish this morning. I say “we”, but that was just me and the wee ones with grandad in tow.

The reason that grandad’s presence had been specifically requested is because that when he’s left alone with The Youngest, invariably a vast array of teddy bears are brought home. This time was no different with a pristine bear from Selfridges (purchased for the princely sum of £1) and a cute array of four tiny ceramic bears joining us for the ride home. M’boy cleared the place of hot wheels cars, I bagged a couple of graphic novels and cricket bat and treated grandad to the original MB version of Yahtzee. 

It was so nice being out in the sunshine once more. The temperature was perfect, there was loads of rubbish to peruse and the cars were all well spaced out, so it was a nice relaxing stroll.

On returning to the parents house, the wee ones were straight in the hot tub for a splash about and we relaxed for a while. Then my sister and family turned up, so we had a couple of drinks and before very much longer the barbecue was fired up and suitably loaded with meat, which didn’t last very long.

The weather was so good that I had to pop indoors for a break from the sun at one point before rejoining the fray.

In short, another lovely sunny afternoon spent relaxing with the family!

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