Capital adventures

By marchmont

Zoomers at large

And so after 13 + months of Friday night night zooming the intrepid bunch set off to meet up in Fife in Anster (aka Anstruther).  I arrived first and spent some time walking u and down the shore and getting J a birthday (very belated) present.  They arrived in Hull this morning and are now quarantining in Ryton. 

Next to arrive were K and J, but no Y and G who had decided not to come.  No-one can understand that.  A reunion after more than 2 years seemed much more important to us than a painter coming, but each to his own.  Sat and chatted outside the Fish Bar and awaited A and N, C, L and KT who were stuck in traffic getting through St Andrews.  D was also a 'no show', stomach upset.

Once we were all gathered we had the regulation fish and chips inside though it would have been warm enough to sit outside.  Much warmer and sunnier then the Met Office predicted.  My fish (breadcrumbed) was dry and expensive.  Driving I was drinking water.  My less than £13 lunch cost me £20 when the bill was split 8 ways.  The disbenefit of being a singleton.  

There was more standing/sitting in the sun catching up and unexpected catching up with Meles and Dave H returned from a trip to see the puffins on the Isle of May.  

Then more walking out along the pier followed by ice cream.  I had Mojito Sorbet, in a chocolate cone.  K and J headed back to Bridge of Weir and we chatted some more and then had coffee sitting in the sun.  there was more walking and talking and then goodbyes.  A and N are staying overnight.  L, C and KT were heading back to Inverurie. C and L leave for Canada on Thursday morning.  They won't be back till November. They heard today there shipped belongings are arriving next week.

It was 7 before I left in the sun to head home, to a hungry cat.  It's been a great day, in a lovely place.  After so long you cannot beat meeting up in person, with hugs!  I have known C, L, A, N and KT for 42 years.

F2F - 15
Phone calls - 1
Virtual - 0

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